AAL-Call-2018 ‐ Smart Solutions for Ageing well, RESILIEN-T project

    Active Ageing

    An important recruitment phase is under way among the partners of the European and Canadian project Resilien-T. The aim of this project is to create a system to help people cope actively and independently with the natural ageing process. Recruitment managers are looking for people with minor memory problems who are willing to use a technological device to self-manage and improve their lifestyle, living independently and consciously. It is sufficient to be 60 years of age or older. To take part, please contact those responsible:

    Italy: Dr. Elisa Felici e.felici@inrca.it

    Switzerland: Dr. Pierre Oberholzer po@goldenage.me

    Netherlands: Dr. Regina Krijger r.krijger@careyn.nl

    Canada: Dr. Danielle Saney danielle.saney@utoronto.ca

    Many scientific studies show the actual validity of physical and cognitive exercise, social relationships and nutrition in all phases of advanced adulthood. Many IRCSS INRCA projects aim at this kind of daily training, Resilen-T is an opportunity to be the author of your own active ageing.