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    1 week ago

    Dear readers,

    We would like to introduce you to the current development state of our Work Package 1, titled “Development of the cloud platform”:

    Compaan has developed a new area on the Compaan

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    1 month ago

    Archief Kiosk - Geron

    Dear readers,

    We hope you all are well.

    Just like with everyone else, our project team has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 after March.

    The last organized session between Vilans, Careyn and the

    On the positive side of things, a number of people, whether in their private capacity, or working in care related organizations, have realized the importance of digital tools. A tablet for seniors plays a substantial role in connecting senior citizens with family and loved ones during mandatory self-isolation.

    On the negative side, many care organisations are forced to make the interaction protocols much stricter than before. This makes it harder to negotiate with care organisations about providing access of Resilien-T to their clients for the upcoming trial and beyond. GoldenAge has continued to try and recruit test partners and was able to achieve success.

    Compaan had supported Vilans in defining the scope and is currently busy with actual prototype development. The first version will be available for testing in September 2020. They are also constantly in contact with their customers in local government organizations about the Resilien-T programme.

    Univpm Università Politecnica delle Marche has been working on study design of the measurement protocol for tests of Resilien-T in connection with a smartwatch. The fitting smartwatch for the pilot testing has been identified.

    Careyn and Vilans have written an article about Resilien-T for Geron, a Dutch digital magazine about getting older society. The article will be published on 10th of September.

    You can access all published editions here: https://gerontijdschrift.nl/kiosk/

    Alltogether, COVID-19 may have slowed down our progress, but we are all still wroking hard to develop the first prototype of Resilien-T and to prepare for the field trials.

    Best Regards,
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    Gerōn is een tijdschrift over ouder worden in een veranderende samenleving met feiten en opinies uit praktijk, beleid en wetenschap. In ieder nummer worden de belangrijkste levensdomeinen van ... See more

    7 months ago

    Dear visitors,

    Our partners from Careyn and Vilans, Regina and Sandra, have made a banner for The Netherlands. They have translated the word Resilien-T into the Dutch word Krach-T, because that’s ... See more

    11 months ago

    Dear readers,

    More great news!
    Pierre from our consortium partner GoldenAge will be holding the presentation "La tablette Amigo – pour faciliter le contact" in French at the Weiterbildungstagung:

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