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    20/06/2022 Consortium Meeting

    Last week, on June 16 and 17, a meeting was held with all the partners of the Resilien-T project at the IRCCS INRCA in Ancona.

    An important meeting considering that in recent months the partners have been engaged in one of the most important phases of the project: the trial the tablet with users.

    Now the data analysis phase that will show the important results achieved by the project.

    RESILIEN-T is a modular mobile application that provides coaching services related to nutrition, physical activity, cognitive exercises and social relationships.

    It can be modified to match the user’s needs and desires for self-management and self-monitoring

    25/05/2022 Many participants in the experimentation phase



    Over the past 4 months, the partners responsible for recruitment (Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada) have been working hard to involve as many trial participants as possible. Currently, more than 150 subjects have been recruited, all of whom meet the project’s inclusion criteria.

    Mr. Renzo, from Italy, tells his experience!

    21/01/2022 - Active Ageing: ready to welcome over-60s with mild memory problems.

    An important  recruitment phase is under way among the European and Canadian partners of the Resilien-T project.

    The aim of the project is to help people cope actively and independently with the natural ageing process.

    The recruiters are looking for people with mild memory problems who are willing to use a technological device to self-manage and improve their lifestyle, living independently and consciously.

    It is sufficient to be 60 years of age or older. To take part, please contact:


    Italy: Dr. Elisa Felici e.felici@inrca.it

    Switzerland: Dr. Pierre Oberholzer po@goldenage.me

    Netherlands: Dr. Regina Krijger r.krijger@careyn.nl or  Dr. Xandra van Megen x.vanmegen@vilans.nl

    Canada: Dr. Danielle Saney danielle.saney@utoronto.ca


    Many scientific studies show that physical and cognitive exercise, social relationships and nutrition can help to support memory and wellbeing.

    Resilien-T  is an opportunity to be the author of your own active ageing.