AAL-Call-2018 ‐ Smart Solutions for Ageing well, RESILIEN-T project

    Vilans – national expert centre for the long-term care for The Netherlands

    Vilans is the national Centre of Expertise for Long-term Care in the Netherlands. In this field, Vilans engages in innovation, research and development, dissemination, and implementation of good practices. Vilans is well-known in the Netherlands for running large scale and nationwide implementation programs, such as the National Dementia Program (in which 90% of the Dutch regions integrated care networks were set up), the Care for Better Program (around 700 organizations participated in this quality improvement program) and Up to Care! (more than 300 long-term care organizations are currently being transformed to become more sustainable organizations). Vilans has participated in several EU projects as a scientific director (CARMEN, FP 5) and as participants in INTERLINKS and PROGRESS, and as an evaluation WP leader in the AAL Happy Walker project, the PALETTEV2 AAL project (2016-2019), and the eWARE AAL project (2017-2020).

    Competences and role in the project: contribution to co-design activities, conduct of field trial with the contribution of subcontracting organization Careyn, Market analysis lifestyle monitoring.