AAL-Call-2018 ‐ Smart Solutions for Ageing well, RESILIEN-T project


    Careyn is a professional care organization focused on providing care in the home situation and in nursing homes. Careyn counts about 160 homecare teams, specialized homecare nurses (expertise in all chronical diseases available), 29 locations (varying from nursing homes to homes with homecare available) and 4 locations for geriatric rehabilitation. Careyn is focused on supporting independent living, recovering / maintaining / improving health and quality of life, reducing health risks and providing personal care related to illness, disability and/or disability or age.

    The Careyn company has the southwest and central parts of the Netherlands as its working area. Careyn counts approximately 7.000 employees. Geographically, Careyn has an area of work extends from the Utrecht area to the south west of the Netherlands. The core work area covers about 28 municipalities in 3 provinces.

    Careyn is organized in that total area in four districts:
    1. Delft Westland Oostland District – Nieuwe Waterweg Noord;
    2. District South Holland islands and Breda;
    3. Utrecht City District;
    4. District Utrecht West

    Careyn cooperates continuously with numerous organizations, not only in the field of care, but also in the areas of well-being, welfare, safety and mobility. In addition to the care organization Careyn has an independent unit Careyn Gezondheid Service working as a service provider that focuses on offering both customer service as well as additional services for the customers in care, 100.000 members and 8.000 customers with personal alarm systems living at home. This unit acts as a service innovator and facilitator for the 4 districts.

    Competences and role in the project: Careyn will recruit end users for the tasks where user involvement is planned